Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Decorations down, new year in

THERE'S A SAD finality when you take down Christmas decorations. We are closing the store after today for the rest of the week, so I unstrung lights and hauled the tree to the second floor.

It's not like there was a lot of stuff. Lights around the windows, the tree with Elvis and guitar ornaments, a wreath we found on the third floor, and a singing Santa.

Now there is light and space and .... it's a bit empty. But I do like how the room seems bigger. And we had a fantastic Christmas season at Fifth and Maine, so there is no complaining.

I nearly didn't put the tree up at all at home - "We have enough Christmas at the store," Sheryl said, and she was right, as always. But two days before Christmas I dragged it up from the basement, straightened the branches and stuck Sheryl's present underneath it. Hey! A case of Spirit Knob Winery Vignoles! A happy Sheryl means a happy Rodney.

Maybe I'll take it down tomorrow, but not early.

The Cheeseburgers play tonight at The Elks to cap a busy 2013, and I am really fired up about it. The Elks has an older crowd but they are wound up and ready to party when we start. Then they sip the bubbly at midnight, wish everybody a happy new year, and go home.

Then Sheryl and I are taking a few days off. We're going to a Blues game in St. Louis and just getting away for a day. We'll be back on Jan. 6, ready to take on the world again.

Happy New Year!

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