Tuesday, December 24, 2013

One More Day

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO all of you out there in cyberworld .... it's been a good one for us at Second String Music.

One more day. Sheryl says we are staying tonight until at least 8. She's the boss. It's already been crazy in here this morning.

Tomorrow is our first day off since Thanksgiving, and we will celebrate appropriately by doing nothing and being very good at it, though I might venture out and test the ice at South Park - or maybe the South 24th Street boys will be hitting the pond.

For all of you panicking and trying to find last-second gifts, well .... been there. Done that. Come see us at Fifth and Maine and we can hook you up. I actually used to go to the local mall when that happened, but never again.

Peace! And keep it all in perspective.

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