Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tale of two customers

SHERYL AND I are taking a break next week after a hectic Christmas season. We will be closing the store from Jan. 1 through Jan. 5, and be back to rock in the new year on Monday, Jan. 6.

Sometimes you just need to get away.

We had two very different customers in the store today. One received from a family member a very nice instrument for Christmas. But she brought it back, saying she "needed the money instead." Fair enough. Then she said, "I can get a nicer one online and not pay nearly as much."

Sheryl just smiled and wished her a happy new year.
Luna Tec Mah Ukulele

But. Let's reply to her statement, shall we?

1. No, you can't find a nicer and cheaper one online, we work very hard to match internet pricing, have great quality and provide personal service. 2. We happily give refunds. 3. Have a happy new year. Grrrrr.

Then a man walked in who bought an amp for his son from us. He purchased a ukelele online and it came with a cheap cord, and on Christmas morning, the ukelele did not work when he plugged it into the amp.

I think it's great he got the uke online. It was a brand we don't carry, and it's a very nice instrument. He had even called Sheryl to make sure it was a good deal.

He came into the store with the amp, cable and instrument. We diagnosed the bad cord, and his ukulele works beautifully with a good cord. He is happy. We are happy. As he got ready to leave he said, "This is my favorite store to spend money in."

And small business wins, again.

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