Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Happy Birthday, Tucker

HARD TO BELIEVE Tucker, our Border Collie, came to our home one year ago Thursday.

We've decided to call it his birthday. He weighs twice as much as when we got him from the rescue group, he's way less skittish and he amuses us every day.

Sheryl and I are empty nesters. Our dogs are our kids. Tucker is the needy little guy - he likes to put his paws on your lap and nuzzle next to your face.
Tucker says, "Can we sing Hound Dog?"

I remember when we first got him and Laura Sievert came over to play with him. He immediately licked her hand and demanded love, and that's when I knew this dog was going to be just fine.

We take him to the store in the afternoons, and he loves to lay down in the lesson room and sleep to the music. Right now Fast Eddie, our store cat, is chasing him around the main floor and it makes me laugh out loud.

Tucker is all boy. He likes to get dirty and he smells like a dog 24/7. He is very curious, and he's been peed on the head more than once by his adopted sisters.

Tucker has a Border Collie bark. He doesn't say, "Arf." He says, "Woo woo woo." As in, "Is that the mailman?"

Tucker runs like the wind. He flies around our designated south end walking spot with Bella, and he always comes when he's called, unless he hears fireworks. Then he just takes off and doesn't stop.

I was against getting another dog, but now I can't imagine life without Tucker. He rocks! He'd love it if you came to Fifth and Maine to hang out.

It's a dog's world. We are lucky to be in it!