Monday, January 20, 2014

Trash talking and the NFL culture

IN CASE YOU were in a hole and missed the end of the NFC title game Sunday, Richard Sherman made a big play to stop a last-minute 49ers drive, thus sending the NFL brass into shuddering denial and adding spice to the always overwrought Super Bowl in two weeks.

Denver is a good story because of Peyton Manning. Nobody cares about Seattle. Nobody. As least the 49ers have a coach you love to hate and names we know since they went to the Super Bowl last year.

Of course it had to be Erin Andrews to track down Sherman after the game. Of course. She couldn't find the coach or the quarterback or the kicker who booted three field goals or anybody else. Then again, it's the media's job to feed the beast.

There is no polarizing here. You either love Sherman for taunting the 49ers receiver and then frothing at the mouth on live national TV after the game, or you don't.

I don't know the man so I can't really draw any conclusions, other than he acted like a moron and I hope Manning torches him like a good cook ignites brandy.

See? Sherman's behavior is working already. It's drawing interest. It makes you want to care about something not worth caring about, a stupid game where the commercials are more important than the action on the field, and everything is blown up and flailed around.

Go Broncos.

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