Friday, January 17, 2014

Three years? Already?

WE ARE HAVING a three-year anniversary party at Second String Music on Saturday, Feb. 22. As usual, recollections will be hazy if we survive the event. We are quite good at throwing parties, but you do have to sign the waiver and disavow any knowledge of illegal activity.

Wait a second. Three years? Hardly seems possible. Weren't we just staring at Eighth and Washington and wondering if we were crazy to open a music store?

The theme of our party is, "There's no buttons!" This is in honor of Steve Rees, who uttered said phrase when trying to use our copier.

One of the events planned is a guitar-smashing contest. We are also thinking about doing a Rocksmith competition in the back lounge area.

So. Let's party and sing Happy Birthday to us! Please join us for cake, too.

And this should get you in the mood to smash stuff.

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