Thursday, January 9, 2014

When you can't sleep

EVERY NOW AND then I can't sleep. There are lots of reasons, like diet, lack of physical activity, stress,  and thoughts of life ping ponging around my head.

There are cures. Benadryl works for some. Watching Oprah reruns does it for others. I try to let it pass, but some mornings I give up and get up. Me and Mr. Coffee are good buddies early in the morning.

There is a lot of stuff going on at the store, the usual struggles of owning a small business. My wife is amazing - she handles most of it, and I just have to listen and offer encouragement or ideas. Then I go to the back room and play guitar.

So it's not the bad life I live that keeps me from sleeping.

Waves crashing into a Lake Michigan beach can lull me back to sleep. A cabin in the woods will work. Sitting in the sun with a stogie and lemonade makes me smile, if not sleepy. The other night I fell asleep after I'd been traded to the St. Louis Blues and scored a big goal in a playoff overtime. For some reason, the winning goal came against the Cleveland Barons. Or maybe it was the Kansas City Scouts. This must have something to do with my disrupted childhood.

I'm up for suggestions to help me sleep. They can't include prescription medication or time travel. Other than that, I'm wide open and listening.

Wait a second ... did I just yawn?

1 comment:

  1. Percogesic, a non-prescription muscle relaxer, works well for me typically. If I know I'm not ready for sleep, I pop two of those and usually nod off easily.

    I've also used recordings of rain, and thinking of waves of indigo to help clear my mind.