Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I can tell it is cold

SO IT'S BEEN really cold. Really, really, REALLY cold. If I see one more Facebook photo of a dashboard with minus-14 on it, I might scream.

Before I scream, I will step outside. Then the breath will come out of my mouth and it will turn to dust! I did like the short video posted by a mom of one of my guitar students. It showed her daughter throwing hot water into the air, and it exploded and turned into dust. Sorta like my dreams of playing professional hockey.

Leave me alone - I'm playing in the snow!
People in Quincy struggle with bad weather. Thanks goodness we have savvy media who can keep us informed and let us know how to deal with it. I will be glued to the tube and reading the paper when The Big Thaw hits us in a few days.


We rely on the dogs. Lucy, Bella and Tucker will tell us if it's too cold when they go outside, take care of bidness, and demand to be let right back in. Today they finally got out at our favorite south end spot and even Lucy, who never runs anymore because she's a 14-year-old biddy, galloped with her adopted brother and sister.

Tucker just said "Woof," which means, "Hoser, take me out cuz I gotta pee now."

He doesn't care if it's too cold.

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