Friday, June 27, 2014

Be Bopping Again!

HOPE YOU ARE ready for a great weekend - Blues In The District, MidSummer Arts Faire, The Maulers farewell show and all kinds of chaos at Fifth and Maine. Let's go!

One of my former guitar students, Anne Navolio, came into the store Thursday and dropped off the world's greatest T-shirt. Her father, Bob, used to own Bob's Be-Bop Records at Eighth and Maine. It was the hippest and coolest store in town, and there are still lots of great stories floating around about it.

WGEM's Brian Inman was going through some old stuff recently and found a logo, and Bob then had the shirts made.

I'm about to cry.

I miss Anne a lot, she was and will always be one of my favorite students. She's off to college now and to see the big wide world - and hopefully she has a Bob's Bebop Records shirt to remind her of her father's glorious past!

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