Thursday, June 19, 2014

Roundabout way to get there

THERE IS A big discussion about putting in a roundabout at 48th and State. A meeting yesterday brought out a bunch of people, and as always, the best part of any TV web story are the insipid comments.

Apparently there is a lot of traffic out there and this would make it better. But I've been through that intersection for years and never, repeat, NEVER, had to wait for more than a few cars at the four-way stop. There are more businesses out there now and John Wood Community College has also brought a ton of traffic, so maybe it's needed.

The main reason this has caused a stir is because it's different. Quincy is a rocking chair community - nice and steady, and all is good. Rock too fast, too slow or use a different chair, and the sitters complain about the blisters on their butts.

So, for that reason and that reason only, I am in favor of the roundabout. And I will use 48th and Maine instead when heading to the east side of town, or get used to the new rocking chair .... er, roundabout.

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