Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Don't worry, Mr. Burglar - you'll be caught

THERE'S BEEN AN upsurge in reported burglaries in Quincy. Click here for the latest Whig story. When I was the crime and courts reporter, I did tons of these stories, and they usually followed familiar themes.

The latest area to get hit was up by Wavering Park. The residents out there are not used to dealing with stuff like this, because there are reports of many people leaving their wallets and valuables in their cars overnight. The dirtball burglars (redundant, I know) are smashing windows and getting a little more daring.

It happens in every part of town, but in years past, it was always the "nicer" areas of town that got hit by the more organized burglars. Dirtballs aren't dumb - they know where to find the loot.

I'm going to take some guesses here - I think the dirtballs are young, bored, stoned and drunk most of the time, and just generally have had a tough time in life. Lest you think I'm blaming society, I'm not. These idiots have choices, and if they choose to do this, well ... there's only one more thing to say.

You. Will. Get. Caught.

You are already bragging. You've already said the wrong thing to the wrong person. Sooner than later,  it all comes around.

Don't say you weren't told or didn't know, dirtballs.

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