Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Trust, and getting back a guitar amp

SECOND STRING MUSIC is built on one thing and one thing only - relationships.

We sell music stuff, and lately we've been selling a lot of it. Our business neighbor, Jeff Schuecking, simply says we shouldn't try to explain it, but we should be grateful, and we are.

I got very good at gauging people when I covered crime and courts for The Whig. I'd like to think I can tell what somebody is like after talking and dealing with them.

But it doesn't always work that way.

Let's be positive about this first, and let's make sure we say we appreciate all of our loyal customers. This has been an awesome adventure and it's only getting better. We are here to stay and have big plans.

But there is always something to make it more challenging. In this case, it's a woman who wanted to buy a guitar and amp for her daughter's birthday. She managed to convince us to let her take the amp without paying for it. The party was on Saturday and she promised to come back Monday to finish paying. This was more than a month ago.

This wasn't a massively expensive amp, but still, we are out a chunk of change.

Well. You can can guess how it's worked out. Sheryl has repeatedly called the woman, and we've never received a call back. It's not hard to figure out where people live, and this morning Sheryl is heading out to pay a little visit to the woman, and to either get our money or the amp back.

And we thought running a music store was just about guitars and strings.

Maybe I'll send a camera crew with Sheryl and we can make a TV show out of it.

Nah. They wouldn't be able to keep up.


  1. When people don't pay their bill it's no different than stealing. Hope you get your money or amp back.

    1. We agree and the amplifier is back at the store.

  2. I will never understand why people do things like that. My wife works for a finance company and it amazes me the people who get a loan with no intent to ever pay it back. Glad to hear you got the amplifier back!