Thursday, June 12, 2014

Doggie duty means no sleep

This just barely begins to represent Bella Poo.
BELLA THE DESTROYER has had an upset tummy. Who knows what she's eaten or gotten into. We haven't fed her anything but her dog food and regular treats. But on our long walks she sometimes blunders into stuff she thinks is tasty, and it comes back to haunt her. And us.

The last two nights she's left us surprises. Fortunately we have hardwood floors. So I had a little talk with her before going to bed, and this morning at 2:30 she woke me up and I let her out.

Hmmm. Maybe this dog isn't so dumb after all.

Of course I couldn't get back to sleep, and she woke me up again at 4 to go back out, so I'm sleep-deprived.

But I'll take a lack of sleep over the alternative.

1 comment:

  1. I dog sit Trevor the kid's big old Golden Retriever, I am clever, I thought, giving him a treat whenever he comes in from outside. So sweet, I let him sleep in the bedroom. It took two days for him to realize if he got me up about every three hours because he had enough sleep, and wanted a treat, I would let him out. He now is banned from the bedroom after two days..