Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Visit from family

MY BROTHER STEVE, who lives in Phoenix, is coming to Quincy this weekend with his son, Riley. They are catching us on a really busy weekend - MidSummer Arts Faire, the Maulers last-ever (please) gig, and the usual insanity of a music store in the thick of things.

Steve and Riley are self-reliant and have a rental car, so I'm sure they will find stuff to do on their own. We'll probably take in a Gems game and run the dogs a time or two, and sit in the Calftown backyard by the fire.

My two sisters and father live far away, and the Michigan Harts are about seven hours north, so it's hard to get together with family. It's a special time, but aside from scrubbing the house to an inch of its death and mowing my weeds last night, we really aren't doing anything out of the ordinary to get ready.

One thing about living in Quincy - I like showing it off. It's a cool place to bomb around and see things. And Riley will probably spend hours roaming the upper floors of Second String Music, getting acquainted with the ghosts upstairs.

Hopefully they have fun in the Q-Town!

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