Monday, June 2, 2014

Daughters and phones

EMILY HAS RETURNED to Quincy for the summer. Sort of.

She had a great first year of graduate school at Eastman School of Music. One more year and she has a master's degree in oboe performance. Yikes!

Emily was a straight-A student through high school and at Western Illinois University. This past semester she did get one B, and much like her old man, she wasn't flustered.

"Actually, I was happy with the B. I bombed the mid-term," she said, sounding just like her dad.

 Emily plans to work at Western Illinois camps this month. In July she is hanging out at Second String Music, and she is working a camp up at Blue Lake in August. Also, if you know of somebody who wants oboe, French horn, ukulele or piano lessons this summer, call us at the store (217 223-8008) and I'm sure we can arrange something.

Meanwhile, we are waiting for our new iPhones. Yes, we are entering the 21st century, and Emily is super excited about getting a real phone so she can check her email and web stuff. She needs a new phone because she just dropped her old one in the sink at her restaurant job. Like I said, she is her father's daughter.

I think I know why they call them iPhones, as in, "i don't know how to turn this thing on." As in, "i'm glad my wife knows how they work." As in, "i think i dialed the White House by accident."

I'll have more about this later after we figure them out. Well, when Sheryl figures them out.

"And you aren't dropping your iPhone in the sink, mister," Sheryl says.

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