Monday, June 16, 2014

Meet Angus

I KNOW YOU will be stunned and surprised by this, but the Harts are getting a puppy.

You can get off the floor now.

His name is Angus. He's a Corgi/Australian Cattle Dog mix. With a name like Angus, you can bet he'll become the official store dog of Second String Music.

Angus' owner came into the store about a month ago to buy an amp. Somehow, and I have no idea how this happens, she and Sheryl started talking about dogs. The woman mentioned she had puppies available from her two farm dogs.

Then she came with Angus to the store. Look at his puppy face... like I had any chance of saying no to that.

I like having just two dogs. We use less dog food, less treats, and they are easier to walk (not really, Bella is a beast). Plus we are still getting over Lucy's death. I wanted to wait a little longer, or just stick with two, but Angus changed my mind.

Tummy Rub Please
We took Tucker and Bella to meet Angus and his family yesterday and it went pretty well - we learned Bella is better off in the car most of the time, Tucker never developed the Border Collie instinct of herding cattle because of his rough start in life, and goats think they are dogs. Bella eventually calmed down and was even okay with the goat/dog so maybe she just has problems with change.

The big guy with the big guy
Angus lives on a beautiful horse farm near Columbus, about 20 minutes from Quincy. He's staying there for another month until he gets a little bigger and stronger, though I had to talk Sheryl out of taking him home yesterday.

He is a handsome boy. I'm sure he'll show Bella and Tucker who is boss and fit right in.

Three's a crowd, and that's fine by us!

Angus mom - Snickers

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  1. I have a Jack Russel/Corgi mix. Very high energy but loving dogs! Good luck!