Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Angus The Young is home

AS MANY OF you know, our new puppy Angus has arrived. We weren't supposed to get him until later this month, but on Sunday, after I woke up from a nap, Sheryl said, "The new puppy will be here in half an hour."

That's kind of the way it works around here.

Anyway, Angus has been officially dubbed "Angus The Young," which is a perfect music store name. He'll be hanging with us at Second String Music full time for now. He's a "Cowboy Corgi," or Corgi/Australian Cattle Dog mix. So he's low to the ground and he hops around like a kangaroo.

He has sharp puppy teeth, chews on everything and is a good retriever. He shares Fast Eddie's penchant for going two speeds - manic or crashed. He gets along well with Eddie and with Tucker, our Border Collie, but our dumb black lab mix Bella is having a hard time. She'll live.

Come on down to Fifth and Maine and meet the newest addition!

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