Thursday, July 10, 2014

Slashing crime

YESTERDAY MORNING, ABOUT one block from where we live in Calftown, a man had his throat slashed. Click here for more info.

We don't know much about the incident. I don't know the people who live in the house, the guy who was arrested, or any of the circumstances. The victim has serious injuries but fortunately didn't die.

As a neighbor, I should be more interested. But in Calftown, most of us shrug it off and chalk it up to stupid behavior by dumb people. I didn't even know about the incident until getting a text later in the afternoon.

The other news of the day? A woman gets probation for "sexting" a 14 year old boy, a Hannibal man is killed while walking on the highway a night, some car-stealing lunatic is on the loose near Palmyra, and a woman up in Nauvoo has been arrested for allegedly trying to torch the local hotel, where she worked.

In other words, the crime and courts reporter has job security.

Oh - the Cardinals won and the Cubs lost again, too.

Maybe I'll stay off the media websites for a while.

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  1. Relax, it's not like they are pimping ho's in prominent business districts in Quincy, paying to have cafe's torched in Clayton, gals turning their infant's over to 3-time losers for babysitting in Hannibal.....Or they are? Well, prosecuting attorneys, public defenders, probation officers, judges, police, social workers, nurses and Dr's, public aid case workers.... everybody gets a piece of the pie!!! Along with crime reporters! Job security for all, fueled by stupid acts of stupid people.