Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Shout at the .... old singer

I KNOW A guy who is going to Riverport tonight to see Motley Crue during their "final" concert tour.

Right. Like they won't play again. They'll use walkers and canes before they ignore the fistfulls of cash to play. Don't they already?

I am not a big Motley Crue fan. Sure, they have some fun songs. Sure, they partied like dogs back in the day and had the "Behind The Music recovered from death to keep rocking" storyline.

I watched a Crue concert on You Tube filmed in my old hometown, Grand Rapids, a few years back. After every song, the singer or the bass player or the drummer would yell out something about doing something to your mother. Swearing doesn't bother me, but it got old really fast. I thought the name of the band was Motley Bleep by the time it was done.

Ironically, this tour started in Grand Rapids a few days ago. Things didn't go very well. It was almost Spinal Tap like, in many ways.

I'd go just to see Alice Cooper. Why is he opening? In a perfect world, it would be the other way around, but rock and roll ain't perfect.

So go have fun tonight, and if it's your cup of tea, drink it fast and furious like it's the 1980s and we all have big hair again. You bunch of silly bleeps!

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  1. After a long evening battling with pros and cons, I opted to be out the ticket money but save my gas money. The conversation I had with you, Rodney, was just one of the reasons. Every review I've read from the first 5 shows have had a lot of the same issues: Sound mix is crap, band playing like that haven't rehearsed in months, singer that sings 2-3 words of a line then skips the rest. Add to that the fact that it seems they can't bring their full-blown, rock-n-roller-coaster stage set up (called the Cruecifly) to any outdoor venues....

    I saw them two years ago (opening for KISS) and it was a killer show. If this truly is their last tour, then I'll keep the memories of the good show rather than remember them for the fiasco that, apparently, is this tour.