Monday, July 7, 2014

Never to old to rock (ouch)

People say, "Wow, you are almost 50 and you are still playing rock and roll." I say, yes, it's still fun.

But getting old sucks.

Ahhh yes ... I'm stretching AND rocking.
The Cheeseburgers had a blast up at the Keokuk Yacht Club Saturday night. The patrons were into it from the first song and we'd been off for almost a month, so it was good to cut loose and have some old-fashioned fun.

With a price.

I spent Sunday in the usual post-Cheeseburger daze. You know, the "Hit By The Rock & Roll Truck" daze. But this morning is when it really hit me, because I could barely get out of bed.

I'm not complaining. I thank God for my good health and welfare. But I can remember not too many years ago when playing a righteous show on a Saturday meant recovering Sunday morning, then moving on.

If you see me today and I'm moving slowly, well, I will probably blame it on chasing the new puppy or something.

This weekend we have gigs in Hannibal Friday and back up in Keokuk Saturday. It will probably take me twice as long to recover, which means I'll be back to normal by August.

It's OK. It's worth it. I'm not young anymore, but I'm gonna act like it.

Where is the Tylenol, anyway?

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