Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Far flung West and routines

GOING TO COLORADO might not be good for your guitar fingers, but it's great for the soul.

Sheryl, Emily and I just returned from five glorious days in Denver and other points. I have been to Colorado many times and never tire of the different vibe, weather and vastness.

When we arrived last Friday, my sister Charys and her husband David were complaining about the humidity. "Man, it was like, 35 percent!" they moaned. Right. When we got back yesterday afternoon walking felt like swimming. Ahhh ... the joys of Q-Town summer, 90 degrees and 90 percent humidity.

Lake Dillon from the condo porch
It was warm but in the shade it was lovely. At night it cooled down and it was heavenly in my sister's hot tub. Hey hoser ... don't soak your fingers, too. It hurts when you try to play guitar again.

My sister and brother in law are the best hosts, ever. We went west into the mountains Sunday to Lake Dillon, about 70 miles away and elevation 9,000 feet. "My blood pressure drops about 10 points just walking in here," David said, staring at the mountains and the lake from the family condo porch.

12,000 feet
We came back through Loveland Pass. You have to see it to appreciate the grandeur. It was pretty impressive watching a couple of kids snowboard on a dirty patch of snow. In Colorado, everybody skies, rides a bike and/or owns a dog. Everybody.

I did endure a trip to Ikea. Never again - it was like Black Friday shopping times a billion. We went to Red Rocks and watched all the crazy fitness people running up and down the stairs. All I could hear was Bono screaming "Will you dance with me?" from a 31 years ago. Next time, we gotta catch a show.

Red Rocks
On Monday night we went to a Rockies game with little Erin, age 11, who told us all about her favorite players and her team's injury woes. "Troy (Tulowitzski) is hurt. And we have no pitching," she said, mournfully. We sat in the first section of left field and except for the obnoxious fan to our left, it was enjoyable. Of course Mr. Obnoxious was wearing a St. Louis Cardinals jersey and was telling everybody how crappy the Rockies are and how great his team is. I'll stop now.

Colorado Rockies game

In Denver, everything is grand and sweeping, and you measure everything times three or four. As in, "The store is only five minutes away." Translation - it takes at least 15 minutes due to traffic and bikers crossing the road.

It makes me appreciate Quincy, where a traffic jam is five cars in front of you at 18th and State, and where the city council puts back a traffic signal because the retirement home folks are complaining.

It was a great trip. Steve Rees took good care of Second String Music for us while we were gone. The dogs appreciate us coming back and getting back into the routine.

And my fingers hurt. Gotta go play to get back in shape! Hopefully we see you again soon, Colorado.


  1. Wow, we were busy while you were here. We miss you. Erin is already asking when you are coming back.

  2. When is Erin coming to Quincy? BANANA. That is all.

  3. That's true though, bout the Cardinals, it is true