Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rock & Roll Oboe

I GET TO do something tonight that I have dreamed of doing, a bucket list item and a thrill for a proud father.

Emily and I are playing at One Restaurant's open mic night. Imagine that - the burned out rock and roll guy, the hummer and strummer, performing with his classically-trained oboe-playing daughter.

We've picked one song appropriate for guitar and oboe, and two songs that are absolutely wrong. That makes it all the more fun!

We've practiced in the back room of Second String Music and I've gotten even more of an appreciation for how good Emily is with the oboe, and how seriously she takes playing the instrument. Don't get us wrong - this is just for fun and we aren't sweating the details, but she will sound good so long as I don't botch it up.

Open mic night starts at 7:30, hosted by Steve Rees. See you there!

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