Monday, July 14, 2014

How to throw a benefit

THE CHEESEBURGERS PLAYED Saturday at the Julie Buschling benefit in Keokuk. We had reservations. We shouldn't have worried - it was a blast. Not even being tired from a crazy gig in Hannibal the night before kept us from tearing it up!

The event was well organized, ran pretty much on time and the people couldn't have been nicer. Julie has been a friend to many and she's a sweetheart. A brain tumor has taken a terrible toll on her, but she was there almost all night, dancing with her husband, talking and laughing and even getting up with us for our infamous Cowbell Medley.

The Cheeseburgers were supposed to play Saturday night by the South Side Boat Club in Keokuk, and then they planned Julie's event. But the SSBC is under water from the flooding, so it was moved up to the Labor Temple.

Julie (middle) and friends "rock" the night away!
We were scheduled to play from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., but we knew the live auction would probably run a little long. It did, but it was done by 5:30. By then the large throng was ready to party, and party into the night.

So if you are planning a benefit and have live music, take this much from Julie's event - get your live auction stuff together, get somebody who knows what they are doing to conduct it, and get it done.

After we started, we weren't interrupted with silly benefit requests, only for a few reminders for patrons to pay for auction items. That was between songs and was no problem.

Gosh. What fun! People began heading out as we started our fourth set after 9 p.m. But it didn't matter - there were 30 or 40 people left still wanted to dance and celebrate a successful event. My enduring memory will be winding it down while the volunteers mopped the floor leading up to the dance area and stage ... we knew it was time to quit when the pine smell got really strong!

A lot of people helped with this benefit. Our drummer, Kirk Gribbler, and his much better half, Susan Miller, were instrumental in organizing and pulling off the event. They put good people in charge, always a smart thing.

God bless you, Julie. I pray this helps you in your battle. It's a day and night I won't forget, and you will forever be a Cheeseburger hall of famer!

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  1. Delighted and humbled by your piece Rodney. You guys went out of your way to spotlight and shine attention on our dear, sweet Julie!! I will be smiling at the memory of last Saturday night for a VERY long time!! -Susan