Monday, December 14, 2015

I'll watch Star Wars ... later

LOOK. I LOVE the Star Wars movies. I remember going to see the original Star Wars back in the mid-70s, only to get there too late and be turned away from the full theater. The next week me and a buddy got the theater way early and were the first in line. It. Was. Awesome.

I look forward to the newest movie. Who wouldn't want to see Han Solo and Chewbacca battle the bad guy storm troopers? But it's just a movie. So I'll probably wait until it comes out on BLVD, Green-Ray, transporter beam or whatever technology is now out there.

Even in little old Quincy, the lines to get into the premier will probably be long. I had a guitar student who worked at the theater and she used to tell hilarious stories about the people who would come to see the comic book movies - yeah, he's dressed as Spiderman and he thinks he can spin a web from his hand. He's also 30 and lives with his mom. But I digress.

Stars Wars is everywhere. It's pervaded our culture. That's not a bad thing, since you could be rotting your brains playing video games or trolling YouTube. Wait. You ARE rotting your brains and trolling? Go see the new Star Wars instead. Then you can play the new Star Wars video games.

May The Force be with you. I might start getting into it, especially if it means you learn patience.

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