Friday, December 4, 2015

Lights lights lights

IT'S A BEAUTIFUL Friday morning in the Q-Town, and life is good as we head downhill toward Christmas!

Thank You Mike Sorenson for
the great photo's!
- The lights in Washington Park are awesome. Thank you Bruce Guthrie of The District, Bret Austin and everybody who helped get the Avenue of Lights displays. It was great to see the park full of people last night and wandering around. Get down here and check them out.

- Rockin' Jake and the boys put on another great show at the Club Tavern last night. The guys are crashed in our back room at Second String Music and head to southern Missouri later today. Life on the road ain't easy so we hope a little hospitality goes a long way.

- The District's Loft Tours are tonight, and we are proud of Missy Myers at M2 Photography for showing off her second floor space in our building tonight. Our 1920 Hollister-Whitney bird cage elevator will also be decorated for the season and we can't wait to show people what a little love and hard work will do to restore historic spaces.

Come down and enjoy all the great events in downtown Quincy!

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