Thursday, December 3, 2015

When your car goes click click click

THERE MAY NOT be a more disheartening feeling than getting behind the wheel, turning the key, and hearing nothing but a faint click.

Turn it again. Click. Again. Click ... click ... click.

It always helps to yell at your car when it fails to start. "BLEEP," I said. "I mean, we've only been at work all day and I just want to go home and have something to eat and pass out. These are big plans for a Wednesday night, car. Turn over dangit!"

Click. Click. Click.

We got a ride home from the infamous Greg Ellery. Then I called Frank Haxel. Of course! He's never in the right place at the right time. He picked me up and we went downtown and he put on the jumper cables, and the lights came on, but the engine didn't turn over. It just went .... well, you know.

This happened last night. It's the first time in a long time. After a while you just get used to your car actually working, even though you've paid thousands of dollars for it, and that's just the insurance and license fees.
2007 was a good year.

This vehicle has been good to us, nary a problem in the five years we've had it. So this morning we called a tow company, and we took it to RJs Imports at 10th and State. The Towing Solutions driver was extremely professional and we appreciated the prompt response. Sheryl and I are all about supporting our local small businesses, and Randy Shade at RJs has a good reputation, so it was a no-brainer.

He laughed when I came in this morning, sensing my obvious frustration. Randy is about the most laid-back dude you'll ever meet. "You musta been talking bad about it," he said. "No problem, man. We'll get it figured out."

Anybody who has a Border Collie/Blue Heeler mix dog to greet you by the front desk, along with a recent Humane Society rescue mutt, is No. 1 in our book. They just made me feel better. Is that silly or what? I'm glad Second String Music and Schuecking's aren't the only places to offer canine therapy. I certainly needed it this morning.

Hopefully it's not a big deal. We've borrowed Sheryl's nephew's car for the time being. And really, we can get around without a car for a little while. It's even supposed to be 50 and sunny the next couple of days.

And the only click sound I ever want to hear again is either my seat belt or my computer mouse.

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