Friday, December 11, 2015

Your butts will get you a big fine

STARTING JAN. 1, you could get fined up to $1,500 if you throw your cigarette butt on the sidewalk or street.

I say, GOOD. I hate cigarette butts. It's especially bad across the street in front of the WCU Building or down the block in front of Irene's Cabaret, and in back down Jail Alley. I'm not quite sure why they don't have a butt can like we do in front of 505 Maine, and in front of Martini's at 515 another two doors down. Sheryl still picks up a ton of butts from our sidewalk each week.

We have a lot more pressing problems than people throwing cigarette butts, but I'd like to see the new law enforced. It's actually a bigger issue than people might think, click here for more info.

I wonder if we'll ever see the day when people stop smoking all together. I like a cheap cigar once in a while, and I will do my best to not leave the butt on the sidewalk or street. It could cost too much.

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  1. Butt cans were put out in front of the WCU building, they lasted 3 days before they were stolen!