Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Peace and prayers for the Haubrichs

WHAT DO YOU say or do when this happens?

Zak Haubrich of Quincy, 21, was killed in a car wreck yesterday near Peoria. The other driver veered out of her lane and hit him head on.
The Gentlemen (from left) - Justin, Jared, Zak, Aaron.

Zak was a 2012 Quincy Notre Dame High School graduate and a student at Bradley University in Peoria. He played bass in the awesome Quincy band Jared & The Gentleman. He was a good Second String Music customer and an immensely talented musician.

The Haubrichs have been through a lot this year. Peace and prayers to the friends and family.

I will leave it to Jared Holbrook to have the final words. He's the lead singer and guitar player from Jared & The Gentleman. He posted this on his Facebook page late last night:

"I don't pray to God to keep bad things from happening. I pray to God to ease the suffering of His people. May He grant eternal peace upon Zak's soul and comfort those who loved him."

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