Thursday, February 25, 2016

Guitar Pinata video

ONCE AGAIN, CHRIS and Victoria Kelley have outdone themselves with an incredible Table 16 Productions video. This one is of the guitar piñata destruction at last Saturday's Second String Music Five year anniversary party. Photo's here, thank you Mike Sorensen and Bad Wolf Media!

I think the best part is the reaction from the crowd members when Jeff Sievert connects with the guitar. Adam Yates comes out of his shoes and Tim Smith and I dash to be the first ones getting rocket fuel.

Jeff is the brother of Justin Sievert, who plays in Pepper Spray, Prospect Road and will soon be joining another Quincy band (more later, promise). Jeff was visiting from Chicago and probably thought, "Oh, a nice little store party and jam session. Sweet." Bet he never thought he'd be smashing things in a parking lot and being featured in a Table 16 video! Jeff is also a very good guitar player and we had a blast jamming with him in the store.

Chris Kelley never ceases to amaze me. We can't thank him and Victoria enough for being partners in crime with us at Second String Music.

Geesh. What a party. And we have video proof!

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