Monday, February 1, 2016

St. Brigid's Feast

SHERYL AND I were honored to participate in an event called St. Brigid's Feast Saturday night. It was hosted near Hannibal by our friends Sam and Paul. They are two of the nicest and most unique people and we had a blast. Since they are Irish and play in the Irish Ragtag Band, it's only natural to honor an Irish saint.

There was a short candlelight ceremony ushering in warmer weather and honoring St. Brigid. There were about 30 people in the house, located north of Hannibal in a beautiful 18-acre lot. It's one of these places you have to see to believe - indoor rock and plant gardens, catwalk on the second floor, a tower to climb and check out the view.

One by one, people were invited to perform a short poem, song, joke, dance, anything. Some were prepared and knocked it out of the park. Others were nervous and kept it short and sweet. Everybody was encouraged and there was good-natured ribbing before a performance, but never after.

One guy did a really interesting humming routine after he blended coffee beans. Another woman did a beautiful Indian dance. Nobody was forced to perform but almost everybody did. Some played instruments, others just sang.

I loved the vibe - very free and open. Nobody was there to get judged or knocked down. That's the great thing about playing music or telling a story or just plain performing - anybody can do it.

What a great night of music, stories and entertainment. Thank you to Sam and Paul and their friends for letting us hang out. We've been invited back this summer for a backyard bonfire jam session, and we can't wait.


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