Friday, February 26, 2016

We lost our lease

SECOND STRING MUSIC lost its lease. We must liquidate immediately, or at least hydrate. It is Friday, after all.

These furniture stores in town are pulling the wool over your eyes. They say they've lost their lease and they must sell everything. The problem? The lost lease sale goes on for two or three months. What, they got an extension on the lost lease and don't have to move after all? Well, at least they sold a few futons and overstuffed couches.

Wait. I found it! Never mind. But we are still having a sale. I think.
When Sheryl and I lost our lease, we panicked. Then we realized we are the landlords. Sure, we are leasing the space to ourselves. We drew up a lease. We signed it (I think). And we put it in a drawer. But then I probably used the back of the lease to draw up this year's MidSummer Arts Faire performance contracts. Then I likely threw it away after making copies. So we've lost it.

Sheryl and I are still formulating what we will put on sale. All I know is that we moved a lot of stuff this month as part of our five-year anniversary promotion, and I've had to vacuum in places that haven't been accessible for a long, long time.

You better not Slumber through this sale, even if we don't know what is on sale, yet. What we do know is that there are the usual bonuses for shopping local.

We have free delivery, you know. I will carry that new guitar and amp to your car. I know you park halfway down the block, but you are still closer to my door than at WalMart or any other Broadway big box. Nevertheless, I will carry stuff out for you.

The lost lease sale will definitely include free cat hair with any purchase. Yes! Free! Fast Eddie doesn't mind. He likes sleeping on amps and pedalboards and guitar cases. You also get a free tug-of-war game with Angus The Young, who will give you the Corgi Growl as a bonus.

When I say liquidate, I actually mean hydrate. It's a rock and roll weekend again - HartLyss is at the Quincy Boat Club tonight, and The Cheeseburgers had a great practice last night to get ready for Saturday's big show at One. It's a marathon, not a sprint, and I have a feeling a lot of people are still a bit wobbly from last weekend's blowout at Fifth and Maine. So I am behaving. But the fridge is still open and we highly encourage Friday afternoon Happy Hour(s) to get ready for the weekend, and to celebrate our liquidation.

Wait. I found it. I put it in the "Bills Paid" folder by accident.

I say, Sale Away anyway.

See you at Fifth and Maine!


  1. I like what you did here. ..especially the dont "slumber" through this sale. ;)