Monday, February 29, 2016

Leaping over the day

IT'S A LEAP year. This is the only time leap day, Feb. 29, is on a Monday for about a thousand years. I know this is true because I follow the Maya calendar (Maya is a most excellent Mexican restaurant in Quincy) and I read it online.

We are leaping and not leaping today at Second String Music. My guitar students today are leaping because they get a fifth Monday, meaning they get a free lesson. Lessons are $70 a month, regardless if you sneak that bonus day in or not.

Cheesey fun last Saturday! Photo Courtesy Bad Wolf Media
I was leaping all over the place Saturday at One Restaurant during one of the best Cheeseburger gigs ever, and I do mean ever. The place was packed for a birthday party and I thought for sure we'd chase 'em all away. Instead we had a blast. Now I can't walk and I will start feeling better Wednesday, which means I am too old and I want to do it again.

Sheryl is leaping for joy this morning because our IRS debacle has finally been settled. It's a long story and all I know is that it took two years to figure out, something about a bill that was paid but not credited. She made friends with the local agent and the guy really helped us out. So not all IRS people are evil.

I'm leaping for joy because my brother, Steve, is joining us in St. Louis at the end of March to see The Who. Steve and his son, Riley, are flying from Phoenix just for the occasion. Maybe I can convince Roger and Pete to let us come backstage.

Sheryl is substitute teaching today. I am taking a leap of faith and assuming I can keep the store under control.

So I'm leaping away at Fifth and Maine. In my mind, anyway.

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