Friday, February 5, 2016

Jamming With Logan

I THINK THIS was about four years ago. I distinctly remember playing an early Saturday afternoon wedding reception with the Cheeseburgers at The Elks Lodge the day this was recorded. We had way too much fun too early - we were blinking in the daylight, saying, "Shouldn't it be midnight?"

I made it back to Eighth and Washington around 5 that afternoon. Logan Kammerer was in the store and playing some of our new Blueridge guitars, much to Sheryl's delight. Logan's wife, McKenzie, later bought him this beautiful Blueridge,

Probably because I was Cheesed, I agreed to get in his way and jam for a few songs. This is a Fielder tune, I think. Man, it was so much fun.

That's one of the big things I remember about the old store and getting started. Jam sessions broke out unexpectedly and we took great joy in creating instant chaos. We continued at the new location but I don't do it as much anymore - and I miss it.

We'll be jamming all day and probably into the night Feb. 20 at the five-year anniversary party. Hope you can join us! With any luck, we'll get Logan to play a few for us, too.

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