Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A boy, a dog and the river

YOU MEET THE most interesting people in a music store. This morning our first customer was Randy McGuire of Des Moines, Iowa. He is rowing down the Mississippi River in a 20-foot Wherry boat with his handsome Aussie mix dog, Dusty. You can read all about his adventures here.

He is calling it "a boy, a dog and the river." He is camping on sandbars or wherever he can find hospitality. The river is way up from all the rain and Dusty has had issues with the biting black flies, so it's been quite a trip so far.

Randy is attempting to row all the way to Cairo, which is about another 180 miles. He is stuck in Quincy for the day because there is work going on at our lock and dam, and it isn't open until 5 this afternoon. He has been on his journey since Aug. 1, and he bought a guitar a few months before so he's had time to learn.

Dusty got to play with our three dogs in the store this morning, and he happily trotted down the block with Randy to get some breakfast at Thyme Square.

Good luck, Randy! Be safe keep writing your excellent blog. And tell Dusty he is welcome to hang out in Quincy, specifically at Second String Music, any time!

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