Thursday, August 18, 2016

Gathering in downtown

SHERYL AND I are big supporters of downtown Quincy. This is where we work and play. This morning we did some shopping at a couple of our nearby businesses and it was very pleasant.

Congrats to Michele and her Grown & Gathered crew. They have moved the grocery store to the Sixth and Maine location and it is awesome. Yes, it's a work in progress and there is a lot of stuff to do, but they've done a tremendous job tearing out the interior and getting the store moved. Sheryl got some cool stuff for her low-carb diet, and I would not recommend the chocolate covered carob almonds, unless you have self-control - I've eaten half the large container already.

As always, a huge thanks to Michael Mitchell and his Bittersweet Confections crew. Sheryl is hooked up with cheese and we had more excellent coffee.

They are doing tacos for lunch - I dare you to eat just one.

These are just a few of the places we like to support. Downtown has been good to us at Second String Music, so we return the favor. Come down and see us!

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