Thursday, August 4, 2016

The dog that got away

TUCKER AND ANGUS were in the backyard last night when I heard a lot of barking. Turns out there was another dog on the other side of the fence, and they were making friends.

The small brown dog appeared to be a puppy. It had tags, thank goodness. It had broken off a wire leash and was dragging it around. It appeared to be happy and healthy. So where did he come from? He had a Green Bay Packers collar and his name was Lambeau. Poor dog.

Our dogs wouldn't be caught dead in this.
It took a bit to get him inside our fence, but once in he started romping with his two new friends and they had a blast. I had to get Sheryl outside (mosquitoes are horrible this year and they love her sweet blood, for some reason), and she grabbed the tag and read off a phone number while swatting away the blood suckers.

I called the number, a man answered, and it turns out he was visiting his parents a few doors down with his new puppy, who had simply broken loose.

So it's a happy ending. Tucker and Angus have a new buddy. Dog tags are important, you know.

That reminds me - where is Tucker's Detroit Red Wings collar?

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