Monday, August 15, 2016

Genie comes home, and mice

WE'VE HAD TWO things return to the Calftown Manor recently - Genie, our beloved Aussie dog, and mice.

Genie went to live on a farm in March. She had become a little too much to handle and we felt horrible about her being in a kennel all day. The four-plus months were very good to her, but Genie and chickens don't mix. Neither do ducks. She is a sweet girl with a gentle disposition, but she is a hunter and the feathers flew a few too many times.

So, reluctantly, her owners brought her back this week with tears in their eyes. She is such a sweet dog. Genie has a new name (Lady) and a new outlook on life. She used to be a bit mischevious and anything chewable was fair game. Now she is much more calm and she still gets along famously with Angus and Tucker. She's even good in the store and with the cat, which was a huge issue.

We are still getting used to calling her by her new name. Lady Genie took a day or two to get reacquainted, but she loves our long cemetery walks and she doesn't run off anymore, either.

Dead Maus?
So it's all good. One good thing that has returned to Hart Manor means one bad thing must return, right?

We've had mice in the house and for some reason, Tucker and Angus haven't been able to track them down. Or they don't care, or maybe they like the mice.... We found one drowned in a water bowl a week ago, and over the weekend Sheryl put up some glue traps.

Sure enough, this morning I heard Sheryl scream and went into the kitchen to find a mouse wriggling and squeaking on the trap. Guess whose job it is to dispose of the mouse? I'll spare you the details. But it's Hart House 1, Mice 0.

Three dogs and one less mouse. Life is good!

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