Monday, August 22, 2016

Gretsch guitars on the way

SECOND STRING MUSIC is proud to announce we have officially become Gretsch Guitar dealers, and our first shipment will be here soon.

Gretsch has a long and storied history. Yes, we are getting into the amazing hollow body electrics, but we also will stock very cool acoustics, and even a bass. The Gretsch hollow body electric obviously has a bigger body, but they are still light and easy to play. And you might be surprised at how affordable they are.

When you think of Gretsch, you think of Chet Atkins and the Country Gentleman guitar. George Harrison made the Duo Jet famous with the Beatles. Brian Setzer is a Gretsch guy, as is Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top. Even Malcolm Young of AC/DC plays a Gretsch. When you look at the artists playing Gretsch guitars, it's striking how many younger and heavier bands play Gretsch. That's the sign of a good guitar company - versatile instruments capable of playing any style. Gretsch is also famous for drums - just ask Charlie Watts of the Rolling Stone.

We have also placed another Breedlove acoustic guitar order, and we'll be bulking up our Takamine acoustics before Christmas.

Got our new stickers today!
It's been busy here with the start of school band rental season - we again are partnering with Boyd Music out of Jacksonville. They are great to work with and we want to make sure you have the best possible instrument at the best price.

As soon as the Gretsch order gets here, we'll let you know on Second String Music Facebook page. As always, thanks for your help in making us Quincy's music store!

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