Monday, August 8, 2016

Father son guitar bonding

THERE IS A very cool thing going on inside Second String Music today - the father-son guitar shopping bond.

The two guys are having a blast looking at our guitars and basses, trying stuff out and seeing what they like. They are good store customers and they both love music. It's not about walking out of here with a new instrument, though we certainly encourage the whole buying when you are ready thing.

It's great to see them spending time together and sharing a passion for music. I just gave the dad a short lesson in getting better at picking out notes, but it all comes down to playing and spending time - my guitar students are required to goof around as much as possible.

We talked about music and different styles. The father loves old country. The son is diverse and likes to shred and strum. You know what? It doesn't matter. They both play and they both love it.

They picked up some strings and tuning pegs and are going to work on the father's guitar this afternoon. They make music a family affair, and we couldn't be more pleased and honored to help them.

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