Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Band rentals blow up

MONDAY WAS PERHAPS the single craziest day in the five-plus years of Second String Music. Band rental season is upon us, and it exploded from about 3:30 to 6 yesterday afternoon.

Fortunately, we were ready. We rented 20 instruments in a little more than two hours - trombones, trumpets, violas, violins, flutes, even two cellos. We have been steadily renting band instruments since early August but yesterday the lid blew off.

Boyd's Display in our store window.
We work with Boyd Music out of Jackonsville. Craig and Brenda Boyd showed up at the store just as the rush started, and they were a huge help - without them, Sheryl and I wouldn't have been able to handle the crush. They are great people and Craig even built an awesome display for our 503 Maine window, then took us out to dinner to celebrate a great rental season.

Today is the first time students are supposed to report with instruments in Quincy, but we know we'll rent more all week and even until the end of the month.

Some things to remember about our program ...
- All of our instruments are new.
- All come with a maintenance agreement.
- Most are paid off in two years after the initial 90-day rental.
- We have all the books and supplies, too.
- We are here to help with any problems, questions, or accidents. If you need in person support, we are here for you.

I'm even learning how to tune violins. Stop the presses .... really?

Really. So come on down to Fifth and Maine - you won't better instruments or better service anywhere else, unless you go to Boyd Music in Jacksonville, of course!

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