Thursday, October 13, 2016

Closed Saturday morning

SECOND STRING MUSIC will be open from 1 to 5 Saturday afternoon. The main reason we are taking the morning off is because it's Tin Dusters weekend, and access to the store is limited because the streets around the store are blocked off.

We are very careful about keeping consistent store hours. We don't like not being here. We have been proactive and given our customers notice about opening later Saturday, and we hope they understand.

I think Tin Dusters is a good event in Quincy. I wish them all the best. Other businesses do well down here during Tin Dusters weekend. We don't. So we'll open a little later Saturday, when the event begins to thin out down here and the streets open again. Parking around the store is important for our customers and you will be able to get a spot as the cars begin to move out.

It will be nice to take a Saturday morning off. We are in the store every Saturday, all day. Well, at least Sheryl is, since I'm off on Gus Macker and golf adventures every now and then, or at Cheeseburger shows.

Speaking of Gus, I'm headed to DeKalb Saturday morning to meet Scott McNeal, AKA Gus Macker. We are watching our beloved Central Michigan University Chippewas play football at Northern Illinois. I'm getting a little bit fired up and emotional about it. The last time we went was during the infamous weeknight Fog Bowl game a few years back, and it was epic. I just hope we get to kick field goals on the turf after the game, and our quarterback's priest is there to bless the event.

So have a great weekend, Q-Town, and thank you for understanding and supporting small businesses!

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