Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Jeff runs for mayor

RUN, JEFF, RUN! See Jeff run. Jeff is a good guy. His last name is VanCamp. He is an alderman in Quincy. But he is a special alderman. You see, Jeff is neither a Republican or a Democrat.

And that makes us like Jeff. A lot.

Run, Jeff, run! Jeff announced he is running for mayor next year. He sees problems in the city. He is tired of bipartisan bickering and stalemates. He couldn't care less if you are an R or a D. Run, Jeff. Run!

Independents aren't supposed to be in politics. You need money to be in politics. A lot of money. You need to have meetings and precincts and committees and bake cookies for fundraisers, or just ask your smarmy party chairman for the dough. Jeff say, "I don't want your money." I think Jeff likes cookies. But only for himself.

Run, Jeff, run! Normally I don't talk a lot about politics. It makes people mad. It's stupid, really.

Here is what the Trump fanatics and the Hillary wannabees don't realize. Republicans and Democrats don't decide elections. Independents do. I am an independent. I will decide who is the best candidate, regardless of the donkey or the horse, or whatever the party animal is. Me. An independent.

So, run and run and run, Jeff. Supposedly our current mayor, Kyle Moore, is running again. And I'm sure the Dems will trot somebody out. Let's make it a three-way race. Run and run and run! And we will see who the people like the most, and who gets to be our mayor.

Don't get tired, Jeff. Run and run and run! I think it's great, and I will cheer you running.

And may the best runner, regardless of R or D or I, win.

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