Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Go Cubbies or Indians - let me know who wins

I AM NOT a baseball fan. I lost my appetite for the big leagues many years ago. I have been to one Major League game in 20-plus years, and it was because of free tickets. So I really couldn't care less about the World Series.

I used to be a huge baseball fan. Then came the strike of 1994, when my beloved Montreal Expos were the best team in baseball and the Toronto Blue Jays were the two-time defending World Series champs. My father says he has a good memory, it's just short. Well, I'm the opposite. I have a bad memory. But it's long. The last time I watched all nine innings of a baseball game on television was 1993.
Memes abound.

The Cubs, of course, are the story, and it's a good one. For the team, the city and their many long-suffering fans, this is a magic ride and I hope they enjoy it. Sheryl hates baseball (and 108 is not her lucky number! She finds it hilarious), but her father is a huge Cubs fans so I imagine he'll be watching. I can't even name one player for Cleveland, unless LeBron James plays for the baseball team, too.

I might watch a few innings if it's close, or if I have insomnia. I will turn the TV volume off and listen to Pat Hughes and Ron Coomer, who call the games on the radio and have a sense of humor, and know everything there is to know about the game without being condescending. I listened to a few games on long road trips home from Mackers and other adventures, and they made the trips easier.

So, Go Cubs Go, and yes, it's happening. Let me know how it turns out if I don't catch the last game.

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