Monday, October 3, 2016

Slide with the lighter

JOE IS ONE of our favorite customers at Second String Music. He's in his early 60s, a self-professed retired hipee, and he's into blues guitar. He came in this morning looking for a small practice amp. "Gotta have reverb. That's about it," he said with his usual smile.

I showed him the Roland MicroCube, an amazing little amp with all kinds of fun things to boost his tone. We also have a used Vox amp with the same features. Joe was blown away by how good they sounded, and that they are battery powered.

I invited him to play one of our new Gretsch hollow body guitars. He took it out and reached into his pocket - I expected him to pull out a pick. Instead, he had a lighter in his hand, and he proceeded to pump out some tasty blues licks using the lighter as a slide.

You don't need a billion dollars or a rock star attitude to play music. You take what works and you have fun, and you love making noise.

"I'll be back," Joe said with a smile. He made my morning. This is why we are here, and we are far better off knowing loyal customers like Joe.

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