Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Grapes and gardens grow to music

I AM APOLOGIZING to my neighbors now, maybe eight months early. Next spring, when we plant our garden, we are going to rock. And by we, I mean us and the garden plants and vegetables.

Check out this fascinating story about an Italian wine maker who grows grapes. He claims playing classical music makes the grapes bigger and better, with higher sugar content. He thinks the grapes actually respond to the music and like it so much, they grow more.

These huge tomatoes are rocking out!
A scientist says the grapes may grow more because sound waves and frequencies keep away pests and birds.

Whatever. I think a plant is a growing and living thing, and I think listening to music is good for anybody or anything, human or otherwise. Even classical music - wine and Mozart seem to go together.

Here's my idea - next spring, when Sheryl plants the garden and I studiously sit by the firepit and smoke a stogie (somebody's gotta watch her work), I will blast out Who's Next or The Yes Album or maybe Diver Down. The plants will respond. We had huge amounts of tomatoes and peppers and cucumbers this year. Next year, we might be able to open our own produce stand.

I am hoping Bose sees this and donates the speakers, like they did for the Italian grape grower. Shoot - I hope Van Halen sees this and agrees to play a show in my backyard. Free stogies for the band! We promise to be done by midnight.

The neighbors will be warned. The plants will rock out and grow wild. And once again, my theory that rock and roll is better for everything and everybody will be proven correct.

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