Friday, October 14, 2016

Helping the skateboarders

A SKATEBOARD PARK in Quincy is very close to reality, and the group behind the project goes before City Council Monday to get approval for a raffle.

The Adams County Skate Park Movement is raising money for the facility in Lincoln Park. Sure, Lincoln Park is located out of the way and by the river, but it's way better than the former facility at Flinn Stadium, and the park is connected by the Cedar Creek trail.

A dedicated facility is a good idea because skateboarders often go to private property or places that are not safe. All they want is a place to go. Skateboarding is exercise and it's outdoors, and it beats rotting your brain with video games.

The group is dedicated and involved, and thus, invested. Second String Music is honored to help them with the raffle with a guitar. If they can raise the money, construction could start next spring.

We wish them the best in getting the new skate park.

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