Thursday, December 15, 2016

All I want for Christmas is .... singing dogs

SINCE WE ARE playing Christmas music tonight in the store, I'm thinking of inviting Tucker and Angus The Young to join us, and maybe Genie, too.

Two years ago I made a Christmas CD featuring the smash hit "Be Nice To Your Pets At Christmas." It featured the late Bella The Destroyer howling at the top of her lungs and scrabbling her paws on our hardwood floor. Angus hit a perfect C note too and I think Tucker added a few harmony whoops. I heard it the other day and almost started to cry.

This morning Sheryl left early for an appointment, and the dogs took to singing about missing their mom. Angus started howling at the top of his Cattle Dog/Corgi lungs. Tucker soon followed and I think Genie whimpered out a few melodic notes, though she is a little bashful about her singing. I keep telling her to not worry about what people think and to just do it - reminds me of a certain girl singer who is scared to play her guitar in front of people.

Just. Do. It. Make noise, dang it! The dogs can howl!

Tucker and Angus aren't afraid to sing. Or wake me up. It's all good and I complimented them on their vocal abilities, and even extended the morning walk despite the frigid temperatures. They woofed their approval.

So come see Paul Lester and I crank out some Christmas tunes tonight at Second String Music. If the dogs are here, we might just do a rendition of "Bark The Herald Doggies Sing" and "It Came Upon a Kennel Clear," along with my favorite, "We Wish You A Woofy Christmas."

Tis the season, you know. Barky bark and woofy woof the New Year too!

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