Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Dance like nobody is watching

SOMETIMES YOU JUST gotta dance like nobody is watching, or don't care if anybody else is in the room.

We shot some Second String Music promotional videos a few weeks ago with Table 16 Productions. They feature Greg Ellery, who owes me a lot of favors after drinking all the booze in my fridge at our last store party. Or maybe he's just a nice guy and he did it to help us out. Sheryl got it arranged.

You can be a goofball at Second String Music. Really, we don't care. What do you think I do around here all day, besides give guitar lessons and screwing up the electricity? Music is a beautiful thing and it's all about jumping in without worrying about what others think.

The video is a bit long but priceless, if you watch closely enough. And it only took two or three takes, from what I remember. Greg took three days to recover.

Speaking of Greg, he's moving back to California at the end of the month, so we're throwing him a little party here at the store. Planned right now for December 23rd, stay tuned for more details.

And don't be afraid to dance with him at the party!

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