Thursday, December 29, 2016

Count everything in the store

IT'S THE END of the year, which means inventory time at Second String Music. Can you tell how excited we are?

Doing inventory means Sheryl prints out a list of everything in the store, and then we see if what's on the floor actually matches. She is much better at it than I am, and it's a bit mind-numbing, to say the least. Yesterday was a busy one at the store and I'd rather say hello or string guitars than count stuff, so we slowly but surely made progress.

I am in charge of counting all the books in the store. I had no idea we had so many. Somebody should buy this Brown Scales book - it looks fascinating. And look! We have three How To Play Fakebooks instead of two listed in inventory. "It happens. I have no idea why," Sheryl says.

Count 'em up - every single one!
I do. It's likely because I rang one of them up incorrectly. Of course, I'm just happy I can turn the computer on and off, let alone run the cash register. I'm trying to get better, but it's just like doing inventory - it's a slow process.

Sheryl actually counted up all the guitar pegs she has in her guitar tech area. There were 505 in inventory, and she counted 504. Obviously one of them grew legs and disappeared, or Fast Eddie ended up with a new play toy. And she counted every single guitar pick. Every. Single. One. GUH.

So excuse us if we are a little more brain-dead than usual as the week and the year comes to an end. Sheryl, of course, takes it all in stride and keeps plugging away. Me? Well, twice last week I made coffee in the Keurig but forgot to put my cup under the hot water.

I need more coffee, and I'll finish counting the books.

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