Tuesday, December 13, 2016

DO bids farewell

DENNIS OLIVER IS retiring after many years in Quincy radio. His last show is Friday morning. He's a legend around here, larger than life, yet Dennis is one funniest and most humble guys you will ever meet.

Media lines long ago got blurred. It isn't about the messenger, it's the message, but we long ago forgot about that in our entertainment and Kardashian-crazed world. Radio is a little bit different since the human voice encourages connection. This is the beautiful thing about Dennis - he didn't care about being known or pushing his own agenda. He was just a radio guy. People listened to him in the morning for a million reasons. Then you'd see him out and about and have a beverage with him, and he was just DO, Dennis Oliver. You know, the radio guy.

When it came time to publicizing an event or talk about music, Dennis was your man. You could go on his show with Jeff Dorsey and plug it. The best part about doing his show was the off-air banter between him and Jeff. I'm just glad that mute button worked at 24th and Broadway.

Dennis will disagree, but he's a legend in Quincy. He's one of the good guys. It's time for him to retire and do other things. Like relax!

Best of luck, Dennis. Quincy radio airwaves will be a little less lively with you off the air.

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